Thank you for dropping my site! It’s a pleasure having you view some of my works. I’m currently based in Singapore, and I enjoy photographing weddings, families and especially babies. There’s just something about babies that make me warm and fuzzy. Speaking of fuzzy, I am mother to three beautiful cats, two of whom are still babies and I can’t get enough of .

In the many years I have been a photographer, I have seen the love of two souls grow bigger and deeper. It’s very heartening to see how a simple ‘I do’ evolve into eternal bliss and a lifelong journey of raising a family. At times, I am lucky enough to photograph these couples from their engagement, to wedding, maternity and the eventual birth of their child. I’d like to think that my role as a photographer comes secondary to being your friend.

I love traveling, so if you’d like me to join you on your adventures, I’m always up for it! Go on, drop me an email and say hello!

Lots of love,

Shamsydar Ani