One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that I get to capture special moments of my peers from school. Farhana was one of my seniors back when I was in Temasek Secondary School, and we hung out during epic Peer Support Leader camps and events. Her group of girlfriends are equally bubbly, fun and full of determination when it comes to event planning. I guess the years spent organizing school events paid off because Farhana and her husband Shameel managed to pull off a very well executed and beautiful combined wedding. Yes, I had to get used to calling another guy Sham as well. We eventually resorted to calling myself Sham-girl.

Venue – SIA Sports Club

Wedding Decor – Saiful Imran Decor

Makeup, Hair and Styling – Illah Norshyeight, assisted by Nadiatul

Nikah, Reception and Outdoor outfits – ISHQ by Nora Zee

Bridal henna – Pesonabelle

Songket dress floral bouquet – Florals by Benita

FiziWoo dress floral bouquet – Jie Ying

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